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Did you know that ...

1. The payout benefit for your bank's life insurance DROPS with the mortgage balance even though your premiums STAY HIGH?!
2. Even if you never miss the bank's monthly premium payments, you're NOT fully approved … THEY CAN YANK COVERAGE AFTER YOU DIE?!
3. The bank's premium payments have so much profit worked into them that they're often HIGHER than buying regular life insurance?!
4. The bank's insurance scheme is so problematic that CBC Marketplace actually did a "scam alert" broadcast on it?!

Here's CBC Marketplace's shocking story on life insurance offered by your bank ...

Don’t let the big banks pressure you into their misleading mortgage insurance. The better solution is "BETTER MORTGAGE INSURANCE" through our licensed, FULLY INDEPENDENT insurance professionals. Our coverage is independent from your mortgage, so it ALWAYS STAYS THE SAME, even if you switch banks. The underwriting is done UP FRONT with no yanking of coverage after you die. And the premiums are often MUCH LOWER than those charged by your bank. And our solutions even provide you with optional disability and critical illness benefits when you need it!

And don't worry about pushy sales reps … with our EASY ONLINE INSURANCE APPLICATION you never have to meet with an agent in person, or even speak with one on the phone, unless YOU choose to do so, in which case one of our licensed insurance professionals would be happy to answer all your questions.

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